Those who fold their toilet paper AND those who crumple it

During a recent conversation with anonymous family members, I was discussing a human being we all know well. The kind of human being we all dislike with varying levels of intensity, and who can only be described as one thing:

The sort of person who folds his toilet paper.

Yes. This is a category, an adjective, a stereotypical description with which I judge people. But let’s look at this more deeply and examine why, oh heaven’s why would someone do this.

When I was a wee child, filled with child-like urine and child-like feces I did not know how to take a child-like dump in the appropriate way. An older woman who briefly served as a babysitter took the time to  explain how and why it is important to fold toilet paper as oppose to crumpling it.

“Do you see these wittle lines?” she asked me in a goo-goo ga-ga voice that made me want to choke on a kidney stone even at the wittle wage of 3. “You fold the toilet paper on these wittle lines.”

Seated on her pink pastel toilet seat in a cramped bathroom that smelled like peanut butter, swinging my legs and staring at her, I couldn’t help but wonder why I would take the time to fold toilet paper when I could just crumple it in my hand and go to town. But I was young. I was impressionable. I had yet to be scorned by love or overly taxed by the government. I wanted and chose to believe that this was the proper and only way to clean one’s behind after a substantial trip to the loo.

After this babysitter was fired, no doubt for indoctrinating me with such inconsequential life lessons, I slowly broke free of this tendency. I can only assume that since I am a marginally normal human being I am not the only person who crumples instead of folds. Still, having the knowledge that there is such a population that does this, I feel equipped to make judgments as to what this habit means.

So when discussing this human being that myself and my anonymous family members all dislike with varying levels of intensity, I had an epiphany. I knew what was wrong with him. It was all clear. He is, after all, the sort of person that folds his toilet paper.

What does this mean? Well scooch back into the center of your seat and I will tell you. The sort of person who folds his/her toilet paper is the sort of person who cross categorizes their allergy medications by season, color, and alphabetical order. They take 42 minutes to vacuum a 9 square foot room. They fancy themselves experts on your career, emotions, and underwear size. They will never be wrong, but never say they are right. They will dust the surface blades of a ceiling fan.

More flattering, they will always know where the keys are and will never forget to check the mail though they will certainly criticize you for receiving junk mail from Kuntz Insurance Group (a real business I plan to become a patron of).

On the flipside, crumplers are not the beautiful specimens of perfection you may imagine. Though we donate more frequently to charitable causes, juggle phallic shaped vegetables with ease, and can correctly identify all of the members of ABBA, crumplers have difficulty paying bills on time and cannot read a newspaper article without asking for the definition of at least one multisyllabic word.

Still I would rather be stupid and a talented juggler than someone who quotes Proust for fun. Is it fair to make such generalizations? One word. Yes. For all of my flaws – my haphazard flossing techniques, Parkinson’s style penmanship, and misguided understanding of months of the year underwear – I would never take myself so seriously as to actually practice such arbitrary habits.

Think of the precious seconds lost, LOST by participating in this madness. In the amount of time it takes to fold toilet paper one could tear open a packet of Splenda for an amputee. End a relationship via text. Steal a library book. Talk about a lack or productivity among this population of humanity!

For this reason I am proud to stand here today (or sit seated in a coffee shop and type) that I am the sort of person that crumples, yes CRUMPLES her toilet paper. Am I glorifying this technique? Of course. But do I wish to alienate the folders of the world? Pshhhh…..maybe I shouldn’t answer that.

Either way, there are certainly several very prominent figures in our society who I would bet the four pennies in my pocket on being folders instead of crumplers. Some of these misguided individuals include:

Ben Stein

Bill Pullman

Meg Ryan

Carmelo Anthony

Nikki Hilton


Bo Obama

So I turn this back onto you fair reader(s). Am I the misguided one? Am I an unsanitary dreg of society? Do I deserve to be stripped of my right to vote and wear white after Labor Day?

Tell me your thoughts and I will be forever yours.


The overly judgmental girl you want to smack in the face with a brick


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At any given time I can be found moisturizing my elbows and searching for words that rhyme with orange.
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8 Responses to Those who fold their toilet paper AND those who crumple it

  1. Aaron (Collin's cousin) says:

    I actually do fold! Though it’s not because I think the little lines are there for that purpose. They’re there so you can tear a square (or 20). That babysitter was a bit of a moron. Why do I do it? Well, quite literally, it’s because I’m nuts. I follow certain patterns and habits, almost to a serial-killer like way. However, while I do like to pride myself as always being right, I spend most of my time playing video games. I read fantasy based novels, love DISTURBED, and laugh at “Jackass”. So, does that make me wrong, or am I the best of both worlds?

  2. Jeanne Moran says:

    No one has ever coached me or quizzed me on my tp technique, but apparently I need to confess this to you. I, too, am a crumpler. I meet your crumpler criteria of donations, vegetable ease, and dictionary use, but I fall sadly short on your ABBA standard. Fingernails on a blackboard to my ears – except I loved Mamma Mia. So I am filled with double standards- is that also a crumpler trait?

  3. Mary Ann says:

    It’s a funny story, but a very strange topic to write on! …But it served it’s purpose in that I had to think about it, do I fold or crumple? Well, after considerable thought, I realized it depends entirely up the time of day, mood, my energy level, and quantity of time available. So I do both, depending upon the above, and also the “quality” of what’s been done! But, in spite of an eternal quest to return to keys are always lost, I vacuum as quickly as possible, and my fan blades are dusty.

  4. Magdalen says:

    I’ve never folded in my life.

    I do recall being criticized by my mother for using “too much” toilet paper. My reply was simple: Some of us are just “juicier” than others.

  5. Ann says:

    I’m probably closer to a “folder” as I tend to estimate the needed length and then wrap it around my hand as one would a bandage. I vacuum when the carpet is more the color of my Newfoundland than its own shade, caress phallic shaped vegetables, and assume that fan blades rid themselves of their own dust via centrifugal force. Now let’s address the fascinating topic of whether the TP should hang over or under the roll. (FYI – there is a patented hinged device that allows the sitter to choose)

  6. bearicaquinn says:

    I am in love with your blog, feeling like we’re back to reading each other’s high school journals.


  7. wvisher says:

    Ummm… I have to admit to doing a bit of both. I fold, but not on the lines. I guess it’s more of a burrito fold. I am afraid if I just crumble that I will get poop on my hands (do you believe that s***!) . It has happened and I can’t stand (or sit) for that.

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