The Way to Contact Me

Let’s be honest. I don’t know anyone who actually wants to talk to me. So I’d like to create an online community of individuals interested in interacting with me on a semi-regular, bi-monthly basis.

Also, I am too busy drowning kittens and wallowing in my own self loathing to generate thoughts of my own.

Email thoughts, comments, suggestions, or just the spontaneous “Cheerio!” my way.


2 Responses to The Way to Contact Me

  1. Jeanne Moran says:

    You have put a lot of time into building this blog! New pages and new widgets every time I look. I bet your humor attracts a good following.

  2. Thank you, Jeanne. So far my humor is attracting a lot of people with self esteem issues about the way they go to the bathroom. Hopefully more will follow!

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